Instantly Rank Your Videos on TOP of YouTube For Your Keywords 

We Create And Rank      Your Videos 

Rank Your Video In The Top 10, Top 5 Or Even # 1 Position In Just Minutes.


 Rank Your Videos In Minutes… Many Times In Less Than 10 Minutes!


CRUSH Your Competition!

Get Top Rankings On YouTube With This New YouTube Ranking System Called TubeWizard

What We Can Do For You

We Outrank Your Competition By Immediately Ranking Your Video On Top Of  YouTube For Your Keywords 

Keyword Selection

We Work With You To Identify Relevant Keywords For Your Business Your Customers Are Currently Searching 

Video Creation

We Create Your Video
Intro, Video Content
Story, Background Music
Voice Over If Needed

YouTube Ranking

Packages of Five or Ten Videos Monthly Ranked Highly on YouTube Or Google For You

Why Be Visible For Your KeyWords ?

Why Be  Visible For Your Keywords?

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  • There’s Approximately 200-250 Different Keyword Combinations Any Business Would Want To Be Found For
  • If Each Of These Keywords Were Just Searched 5 Times…
  • That Would Mean You’re Missing Out On… 1000 – 1250 Potential Clients Per Day!
  • If You Gained Only A Fraction of These Clients It Would Be a Substantial Increase In Your Business

HOWEVER, Your Big Problem Is ...

When Your Customer Searches For Your Business And KeyWords,

You're Nowhere To Be Found


Your Competitors Are There, Attracting Your Potential Clients

This Is Where We Can  Help You!  How?

  • We Create 5 or 10 Direct Response Videos Designed To Get You Customers
  • We Rank These Videos And Outrank Your Competition
  • We First Work With You To Identify Keyword Phrases Your Customers Are Searching For
  • Then We Go To Work On Video Production
  • Our Videos Are 20 – 40 Seconds Long And Designed To Drive Customers To Your Website
  • Typically We Do This In 7 Days Or Less

What Can You Use Video Marketing For?

Product Launching
Product Promotions
Shopping Stores
Turist Atractions
Medical Offices
Agents & Real Estate Agency
Banking Services
Sports Equipments
Museums & Art Gallery
Music Bands & Singers
Bars & Club's
Architects Offices
Auto Dealers
Auto Repairs & Restauration
Travel Agency
Turist Places

TubeWizard Can Help You Promote Products And Services In Almost Any Industry: Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Hobby, Travel And Tourism, Shopping, Architecture, Restaurants, Clubs, and Difficult To Sell Products. You Imagine The Rest...


Here’s How You Get Started …

TubeWizard Has Two Standard Packages For Most Clients…


Option #1 - TubeWizard 1 PAYMENT - STANDARD

  • 5 Professionally Produced Videos And Ranked = € 697 ( 1 USD = 0.89 Euros )

    Great Plan For Startups

  • 10 Professionally Produced Videos And Ranked = € 1297 ( 1 USD = 0.89 Euros )

    Great Plan For Startups

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Option #2 -TubeWizard MONTHLY - PROFESSIONAL Maintenance Program (PMP)

  • 5 Professionally Produced Videos And Ranked = € 697 ( 1 USD = 0.89 Euros )

    Perfect For Serious Customers

  • 10 Professionally Produced Videos And Ranked = € 1297 ( 1 USD = 0.89 Euros )

    Perfect For Serious Customers

  • Monthly Production and Ranking of Your Videos on YouTube And Google

  • We Help Create Your Keywords To Be Ranked For

  • This Ensures You Rank Ahead Of Your Competition

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Your Best Choice - TubeWizard Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) As Described Above

Start Today!

CRUSH Your Competition!

Your Success Recipe

Common Questions Concerns and Details

We Create And Rank Videos

Each Video Will Rank For One Long, 4-6 words  Phrase. We Can Use Your Existing Videos If You Have Any.

Posted On Google Or YouTube Search Engine

We Will Have 5 Different Videos Ranked on  Google Or YouTube  In Minutes !

We Use Your Existing Files For Videos

We Can Use Your Existing Files, Logos, Headlines, And Fliers To Make Your Videos.  
One Revision Accepted.

First Page Guarantee On Google or YouTube

We Continue Ranking For You Until 3 Out of 5 Videos Are Listed On First Page of Google or YouTube For Your KeyWords 

Success Rate And Guarantee

Our Success Rate Is Great! 
We Rank You On Top  In 7 Days Or Less, Or Your Money Back Guarantee

Serving Our Customers In Any Language !

We Serve All English and German Speaking Customers  ! Contact Us on WhatsApp  !

Choose Your Package Then Send Us Your Video Requirements

For Each Video We Offer : 
40 sec. Video: Storyboard + Music + Voice Over + 30 Words Text + Full HD (Mix of CC-BY, Non-Royalty) + Editing

       We offer:


  • 40 Seconds Video Running Time
  • Background Music
  • A Maximum of 30 Words 
  • Video Editing
  • Voice Over / Non Professional Voice

We Deliver Your Videos For Approval In 7 Days Or Less. You Give Us Your Feedback And We Do A Final Version Based On Your Feedback. 

Important - IF YOU HAVE THEM We Will Need From You For Each Video:

  1. A Landing URL
  2. One KeyWord Phrase
  3.  Location of business 
  4. Product or service related photos
  5.  Logo 
  6. A 30 word Text
  7. Video Content 
  8. Storyboard
  9. Background Music
  10. Voice Over

Note : If You Don't Have The Necessary Elements We Create Them For You

If You Deliver Your Own Video

We Provide:

✓ Ranking On First Page On Google Or YouTube For a Longtail (4-5 words) Keyword.

✓ Your Video Ranking Report.

✓ A 100% Safe SEO Optimized Description,  Tags and Titles 

✓ A 99% Success Rate.

*Important notes: *  We Will Give You A 100% Refund If Your Video Fails To Rank on Top.

* Your Own Video Needs to Be 100% Original And Pass The Copyright Test And Not Contain Viruses, Or Fake/Bot Views.

Start Today!

CRUSH Your Competition!

*Business Details And Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Cards (Visa/Master), Debit Cards, And Net Banking

* 100% TAX Deductible

*These Prices Are For The End Client. If You Are An Agency Looking For Services, Please Schedule A Free Consultation So We Can Discuss Further.

* 19% VAT / Sales Tax INCLUDED Into The Listed Prices !

* NO VAT / Sales TAX For NON European Union Customers And USA Customers ( 1 USD = 0.89 Euros / USA Customers Pay In US Dollars )

* NO VAT / For European Union Customers With VALID VAT NUMBER

  • VIES - VAT VERIFICATION NUMBER - Please View This Link / Page For VAT ! ->
Skype Us
Skype Us
Call Us: WhatsApp

Common Questions

PayPal Protection Program

We Accept and Use PayPal and You Can Benefit From The PayPal Protection Program.

No Sales Tax

No Sales Tax For US Customers And For Non European Union Businesses

Business Registered In European Union

Depending on The Customer Country of Residence There May Be Additional Taxes  

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